Travel Insurance Trip Type

Single Trip Travel Insurance

Single trip travel insurance covers you for a single trip during the dates that you specify.

Make sure that you include the day you leave home to start your outward journey and the day you travel back. Cancellation cover will start as soon as you buy your insurance, regardless of the day you leave for your trip.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Annual multi-trip travel insurance covers you for any number of trips during a twelve month period.

Make sure you check the maximum duration of any one trip. If you are on an extended stay, you may need long stay travel insurance instead.

Buy your annual multi-trip insurance as soon as you have booked a holiday, so that you have the benefit of holiday cancellation cover. START YOUR ANNUAL INSURANCE STRAIGHT AWAY - DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOUR DEPARTURE DATE BECAUSE YOU WILL NOT BE COVERED FOR CANCELLATION IN THE MEANTIME.

Long Stay Travel Insurance

Long stay travel insurance covers you for extended trips abroad, from 2 months to 12 months duration. It is ideal for backpackers or world trips.